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“"Swachh Bharat Abhiyan"

  Every one is aware of "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" initiated by PM Narender Modi.
 The most needed campaign ever required for India and is an appreciable step. 

Talk on Environmental issues with RJ Anu Chandel  At AIR FM GOLD 
 To save our SOIL, WATER and AIR to Make India Garbage Free or clean.

No Need for a photo shoot,No Need to take an oath on public forum or social media,
 and No Need to light candles at India Gate or go to Bollywood, calling Rock Star Bands, etc

The garbage piles are assuming the size of mountains. If you enter Delhi from Karnal side you can see those mountains, almost the entire outskirts of Delhi or any metro city is being developed on such stockpile of garbage. The future generations are going to inhabitate on such lands, i.e. our  children   

 If this message can go to each and every house through NGOs, Schools, and Colleges, Or by social networking, It will do wonders and save lot of National wealth from going a waste as Landfills and causing Garbage Menace. We all are contributors to this problem, but blame the local municipality and hold them responsible for solving this problem.                                
Have you ever thought how can we minimize this problem? Have you ever tried to take a note, what is there in garbage? ANSWER WILL BE NO ! You will never have the courage to stop near the garbage dump and like to have a closer look into it while passing by it, because it stinks and hosts flies, mosquitoes, harmful bacteria, and also crows, vultures, and stray dogs. 

 Such filth has a strong potential to cause a disease outbreak.

Let us solve the problem.
Here I give you an idea. Industrial waste, and Institutional waste from Hospitals, Testing Laboratories, etc.- They are controlled by regulatory bodies, but the major contributor is the household garbage for which

I have very simple and effective solution. We have to be wise, we must apply our minds to dispose our domestic wastes/garbage so that we do not harm others, but turn such wastes into wealth in an effective way, save natural resources, and thereby help others too..

Our household garbage consists of, Mainly, 
Kitchen/Lawn waste, polythene bags, plastics, paper,cardboard, metals, non-metals and Glass

“Segregation is The Mantra” 
"Seperating Wet garbage and Dry garbage at source"

(Except bio-degradable and decomposing matter)

 Which is not troubling you as it is not stinking and will not decompose for years?
Keep it separate!!
Give it to someone who is accepting it and selling it to those who are recycling it.
Sell to Kabadi-walah.
You can further use separate boxes one each for Plastics, cardboard, metals, glass, polythene, like you are taught by your mother not to throw newspaper and you sell to Kabadi-walah. He will accept all above if he gets substantial quantity.

Why we must sell to Kabadiwalah. is if he pays for the materials from your garbage?
Answer is that it is 100% bound to be sold to recycling factories, and all such materials are our national assets and it must not go for landfill. It will save lot of our resources.   

This will solve the problems partially, without getting any help of Govt. nominated bodies, you are right, they will not help, and we help ourselves. It will not involve extra effort or money; no money will be generated at our end either.

Let municipality do the remaining job what it is doing already, they will not have any objection to it.

How we can do it ?

Kitchen waste which stinks within no time and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible, Go ahead ! No one stops you........... 
Stop ! Stop !  Why are you mixing it with other wastes which are not troubling you?
Since it is not giving any stink and will not decompose for years?  


 The Major culprits in our garbage dumps is polythene bags, plastics, metals, non-metals, boxes and paper which are almost two-third of the whole pile.
It will be easy for the municipality to handle the rest of the garbage efficiently.


Public Interest Litigation (PIL) must be filed for directions to Municipality to use such materials AS PLASTICS etc in road construction, the allotment of contract must have mandatory clause to use polythene bags and other materials for the purpose. 

          The technique is being used at some places, 

 Overall Process


If you are really AN ENVIRONMENTALIST, then You will also like to Convert Kitchen Waste into  VERMICOMPOST, Which is a very good fertilizer for your gardens/ lawns/ or flowerpots.  

                 How to Produce Vermicompost in your Premises ?   Click Here

To answer most of the questions being asked, see the blog on Vermicomposting Here,

and There are four Videos  explaining how to convert Kitchen Waste into vermicompost .  

The writer has been producing ‘Vermicompost’ from Cow dung and Apple pomace on large scale and is ready to provide any help in this sector for Public Interest.

My own House Model to save environment is as below:

( Enthusiasts are Welcome to Visit my House for Demonstration )

·  Total Kitchen waste + Garden waste, I convert into Vermicompost. I have a pit of 2’x 8’ (depth ?) in my backyard (really it does not stink at all), the fertilizer is used for organic vegetables + lawns.
·  Plastics of all types + all others, I keep in a Jute bag to be disposed every fortnight, believe me it was a real help to our domestic helpers, who were reluctant to do so in the beginning, but it is easy for them now, and to the rag pickers too, who thus keeps our area free from poly bags now, that are thrown by unknown persons, as we deliver him only on this condition. 

·                      Bath rooms+ kitchen+ rain water is collected in a tank which we use for kitchen garden and lawns by pumping.
·                       I have separated toilet disposal to a septic tank and then to soak pit.

· I have installed solar water heater , we explore all the possibilities to make use of this freely available heat
· We use for bathrooms No geysers
· We use preheated water in kitchen
· We have washing machine with two water inlets hot and cold, hot one is connected to solar water heater
· We have all  LED's
· We use Fans+ Air coolers for APR –MAY-JUN (as in Ludhiana)
·  Air conditioners with their outer units are placed in shade and in well air circulated area so that maximum efficiency is obtained, compared to the ones placed in the
Sun or where air circulation is minimum.
·I am in the process of implementing Geo-Thermal Air-conditioning which will save 50% electricity.

I have traditional fire place (Chullah) in backyard to take care of wood logs and very small paper and other non-plastic Combustible materials, which can be recycled, since I am afraid that rag pickers will collect from us and throw them at some other place, so to avoid that it is better to this way Utilise their Heat Value for domestic purposes like water heating etc as LPG is becoming costlier, may be it will save a fraction of money although, but more important is ensuring proper disposal of such wastes. Also we use the Bottom Ash of the challah in our gardens, where it has double action on our vegetables, it protects them from pests as well as acts as a fertilizer.

I intend to install small bio-gas plants to convert Kitchen waste to gas, See link for Domestic Bio- Gas plants,


·                     I have made my house using “VASTU” which makes best utilization of Sunlight and Air, hollow walls in South and west, maximum windows and doors in North and east, thus saving on Electricity on account of Lighting and air-conditioning to a very large extent.
·                      It has health benefits too, thus you save on your Medical Bills too.
·                      I have planted Approximately 50 fruit bearing trees and climbers in the south which gives you fruit as well as protects you from the harsh effects of SUN.
·                      I have painted my house and roof top in white, so that minimum heat is absorbed from SUN, and is reflected outwards.
·                      I am in the process of implementing Geo-Thermal Air-conditioning which will save 50% electricity.
·                      I am going for Photo-Voltaic panels to clad my house from SOUTH/WEST and Top towards Energy Efficiency to Make electricity cheaper for our use.

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